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Signature Yoga Pant with Lotus Mandala

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Our Signature Yoga Pant now comes with our signature Lotus Mandala in a variety of mandala color themes and options for the center message. OM, Love, Joy, Peace, and Truth.

In the classic yoga tradition, tight fitting and synthetic fabrics are not recommended when practicing yoga. Yoga is a system of transformation on a physical, mental and energetic level. That's where Yogees come in. Made from 100% Hand loomed Khadi Cotton imported from India.

Extremely comfortable and fun to wear yoga pants are perfect for the serious Yogi or for everyday comfort and enjoyment.

See sizing chart image. Length measurement starts at the waist.
You can contact us through chat if you have any questions on size, color etc.

Mandala comes in a variety of colors: choose your color scheme - Blues, Greens, Reds, Yellow/Orange, Purples, and Multi-color (as shown) or Black. Mandalas are applied by hand so each one is unique.

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