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About Sensory Balancing

In Ayurveda, balancing the Doshas is the primary focus. Doshas become out of balance for a variety in reasons, and Sensory Therapies are one way of assisting in the balancing process. Through the sense of touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight. 


Healing your life through your sense of smell means taking conscious control over your aromatic environment - choosing aromas that support your wellbeing.


Phytomolecules – Plant based aromatic molecule that enter the nasal passage and are absorbed into capillaries – Some bind to nerve receptors in the passages and sinuses and directly affect neural pathways. – They affect a wide range of physiological functions. – Strongly affect the limbic part of the brain (emotion, clarity).



The use of light and color.

Light is everywhere. We only see interpret or digest a small amount. Light is constantly interacting with and affecting us.

Ayurvedic Color Therapy is based on understanding the nature of the patient (prakruti), the nature of the imbalance (vikruti) and the nature of the color (remedy) • “Nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone. Ayurveda is the path of understanding what is right for you.”

Methods of use: – Interior decorating – Colored lights – Tinted glasses – Clothing: Affects the vision of those around you. It’s vibration also affects your subtle body and your emotions. – Color meditations – Color water infusions – Trataka – Gem therapy

Balancing colors for vatas are warm or calming. Yellows and golds are very pleasing in vata decor. So are white, violet, blue, and deep reds. Avoid bright red—it’s far too stimulating.

Because pittas tend to be hot, they need a cooling environment to stay in balance. Stick with soft, pastel colors to soothe away tensions. Blues and greens are particularly beneficial, as are pinks and roses.

Kapha needs the stimulation of bright, hot colors. Pick up the energy level with reds and oranges.


Origins in Vedic Astrology • Can be used as a form of color therapy • Or can be used in accordance with astrological chart • Stones correlate to an elemental and planetary system

The Five Main Stones and the Major element they increase – Earth: Emerald (green stones) – Air: Blue sapphire (blue stones) – Fire: Ruby (red stones) – Water: Pearl (dark yellow) – Ether: Yellow sapphire (yellow stones)