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Affiliate Program

Welcome to Yogees Affiliate Program. 

Over 24 million people in the US actively practice yoga!

That's an impressive number. But we're just scratching the surface...our latest research indicates that over 80 million people aspire to do yoga! 

Which means, there are potentially 80 Million people who are purchasing yoga wear and accessories from someone at any given moment. 

Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join. Earn commissions from qualifying sales that you refer from your website to  Upon joining the program you will have access to promote all of our products including, authentic Indian yoga apparel , meditation, and yoga & Ayurveda specific products.

We are small now, but add products on a weekly basis. We look forward to our partners who will help us grow. And.. we will pay you to do so!! 


To apply for the YOGEES Affiliate Program, enter email below and click Join.

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